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tschüüüsch! indiaspired futurefood! ___________♥ all vegan & vegetarian ♥____________ ☆☆☆ restaurant ★ café ★ bar ★ since 2011! ☆☆☆ ...................☆ OPEN 6 DAYS A WEEK ☆..................... 💙 GET IT DELIVERED NOW! By WOLT delivery service you get our culinary delights delivered to your favorite location. Whether CURRY, DAL, SALADS, BEER, WINE or DESSERTS - we wish you a HAPPY CHILLTIME & already a good appetite! ! ⭐️ Easypeasy reservation via the resmio tool here on our website (free & without registration). But! You can also come by without a reservation! =) ☎️ Pre-order & pick up! #bettercalltschuesch Starting at 6pm you can order on the spot or by phone - we'll tell you when your order will be ready for pickup. 💚 No waste at takeaway! You can order your Togo completely waste-free in reusable containers, whether it's food or drinks. You can choose from the reusable system of Tiffin Loop or Vytal. #noplastic #wastefreepackaging ★ 2023 - the tschüüsch is now 12! For over a decade now we have been cooking unique futurefood - inspired by indian cuisine, here in Berlin-Neukölln! On the menu are a wide selection of Indian curries with basmati rice mountain, best dal soup, colorful salads and magical desserts! ★ Futurefood means that we cook entirely vegan/vegetarian out of political conviction - always with a view beyond the plate. From the curry, dal and sauces, dressings & chili, to the mango lassi, chaitee & desserts, everything is made in-house with much effort & dedication. SoliDrinks means that many drinks on our drinks menu are collectively produced or support social and emancipatory projects. ★ You as our guests are thus part of a cycle that directly supports drinking water projects, cooperatives, feminism, environmental protection, sea rescue organizations and many other social structures across all national borders. Thank you very much for this! ☆☆☆ FÜR SPEISEKARTE, LIEFERUNG, GUTSCHEINE & RESERVIERUNGEN klick auf ☆☆☆ ★★★ tschüüüsch! futurefood - inspired by indian cuisine ★ restaurant & bar ★★★


Fuldastraße 12
12045 Bezirk Neukölln



[email protected]

Opening hours

Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun: 17:00 - 22:30



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