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Germany is well known for its plain fair and it's many restaurants, cafés, inns and hotels with own gastronomie. By now the germany kitchen has become something not only for enthusiasts of good and solid food. The German restaurant scene is growing every year. The food becomes better prepared to increase the quality of the dishes. Today there are already 10 restaruants in Germany that have been rewarded with three Michelin-Stars. The over 80.000 restaurants are of cours not only gourmet restaurants from Kiel to Nuremberg, instead they offer Italian, French, Greek and Japanese delicacies. Especially in Gerade in lager cities like Hamburg, Berlin and Hannover you will find an exceptional selection of restaurants. But also in smaller cities like e.g. Lüneburg and Bad Emstal or on the countryside are amazing restaurants with an exquisite kitchen. It's watering every restaurant critic's mouth.

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Everybody knows this question: Where do we go tonight for dinner? With the portal for online table booking,, this question is a thing of the past. The restaurant portal finds amazing culinary establishments in the whole country. Guests can search directly for a table in a restaurant on their tablets or smartphone - that way restaurant boooking are a piece of cake! How does it work? Just serach for a restaurant nearby and book a table. At all times all free spots are shown in real time and can be booked immediately. All the waiting for a reservation confirmation belongs to the past. All booking details are sent to the guests of eating places of course by e-mail. With the aid of dynamic price adjustments Reservierung-Reservierung sees to it that guests can save money. So book a table directly with This works mobile of course too but also comfortable at work or at home.

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